A&M Custom Creations – New Launch

Not too long ago, a longtime friend approached me knowing I’d been studying Web Development and asked me if I could help her launch her new Shopify store. Having had zero experience with Shopify, yet also wanting to be of assistance, and also being able to access and learn a new platform, I agreed, and began the design work and consultation for the Shopify page of A&M Custom Creations

First step: Building a site mock-up. I designed a rough idea of what the site could look like, and with a modification of the colour scheme, we had an idea of what the site should look like. Once it was approved, it was off to the second step: working on the code.

Building a Shopify theme isn’t just about making the current site look good, its about making sure the site looks good when the shop owner builds out a new section of his or her store, without needing to call you for assistance – it should work out of the box, so making sure that sticking to the correct variables when changing colour and font settings was paramount during the work modifying the existing theme. In addition, the shop owner requested additional options that allow customer requestions for product customization, which has been implemented through the creation of additional product templates.

A&M Custom Creations sells everything from t-shirts to key chains to backpack charms and customized mask clips. Give them a look, and them them Greg sent you 🙂

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