A Free Public API for Produce PLU Codes

When I built the app that allowed anyone to look up a Produce department item PLU code for use at self-checkouts by customers or for sign making by staff, I always wanted to put the data used into a public API so that individuals looking to make their own projects could make use of this data that I’ve collected.

Previously, all the data was stored in JavaScript objects – which is okay – but not great if you’re trying to build a more impressive project. The API data that I have made available is served up through NodeJS and Express and connects to a MongoDB database which now stores all the data.

The API only allows certain types of data to be delivered from the database – the database includes example pricing and this data is not sent out when the API is called.

The API can be accessed at https://gregrasmussen.com/store-system/public-plu-data and will be maintained at this location for some time to come. If you make use of it, please let me know – I’d be glad to check out your project and link to it as well 🙂

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