NodeJS Store System – Data

To an average outside, one of the big parts of web development that doesn’t get noticed is information design – how the pages flow, how the data is stored, and how you access said data.

A price tag in a store is the culmination of a whole bunch of different factors. For every document stored in the MongoDB Database used in this project, there are fields for item codes, item names, item regular and sale prices, and Booleans for whether or not the item is on sale or is taxable, among many other attributes. When I took this project from a small experiment to a large full-stack endeavour, I already had stored data in JavaScript Objects. The good news here was in order to take this full-stack, these objects had to be converted to JSON format, and then uploaded to MongoDB Atlas – their cloud-based storage system. Once there, it could be accessed from any site if it were to run from an actual retail location for a multitude of purposes.

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A Free Public API for Produce PLU Codes

When I built the app that allowed anyone to look up a Produce department item PLU code for use at self-checkouts by customers or for sign making by staff, I always wanted to put the data used into a public API so that individuals looking to make their own projects could make use of this data that I’ve collected.

Previously, all the data was stored in JavaScript objects – which is okay – but not great if you’re trying to build a more impressive project. The API data that I have made available is served up through NodeJS and Express and connects to a MongoDB database which now stores all the data.

The API only allows certain types of data to be delivered from the database – the database includes example pricing and this data is not sent out when the API is called.

The API can be accessed at and will be maintained at this location for some time to come. If you make use of it, please let me know – I’d be glad to check out your project and link to it as well 🙂

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