COVID-19 Data Around The World

In April of 2020 – admittedly some of the earlier days of the current pandemic – I was eager to build my skills as a developer and incorporate an API into a new project. It hadn’t been my first time doing a project involving an API, but it was the first time where there would be no readily available tutorial on the subject of using this particular API for anything since the topic was so new at the time.

I decided that that was the time to build a project that allowed a user to select a country from a dropdown list of every affected country, with that data populated by looping through the country names in the API, to get further information on how the virus affected that nation in a pop-up modal, as well as to give the user information on the first 10 affected countries at a glance. This was achieved using CSS flexbox, allowing for responsive viewing across multiple screens.

This project still receives data daily as the pandemic spreads in some areas and eases in others. Overall, it serves as an informative project and makes an important addition to my portfolio.

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