Store System – Sign Making Package

As part of the Retail IT Package I had been working on, I wanted to take MongoDB Collection Data and have an easy method to turn that data into printable customer-facing signage.

Using this program, a store employee could simply type the UPC or PLU code of the item they wished to make a sign for into an input field. If necessary, the customer could add a “Country of Origin” label, as mandated by the government. The user would then hit enter to send that data to a locally stored data array, which would then be used to collect data for any additional signs by storing that data in several JavaScript Objects.

As the signage is made, the store employees can see which signs are already queued up to be printed. Once sign data is all ready to be printed, the employee clicks a button that allows them to bring a properly formatted full-page sign for each PLU or UPC code they entered. The program uses a media query to print that data to a physical paper or to a PDF document and then allows the user to delete all signage after printing is done.

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