Hi! I'm Greg

And I build useful, engaging, and informative stuff for the web.

What can I do for you?

Don't know where to start? Afraid of making big mistakes? Ask someone who can help you make things easier.

Website Initial Planning

Your site is an investment in your idea or business. You need a return on that investment, but a site without a purpose is just like a ship without a path - no place to go. I can help you figure out what your website needs to accomplish for you, and how I can help get you there. During this process, we will determine your needs regarding Web Hosting, Website Domain Names, and Site Maintenance.

$100 and up

Website Information & Visual Design

If you have a clear goal in mind for your online presence, you then need to take that idea from the mind to concept form. Before Visual Design work can begin, the information you wish to convey must be organized by how you wish to convey it. Once we know the site's information architecture, a site visual design and layout can be created. Once Visual Design work can start, I gather a deep understanding of the current branding of the business - fonts, colours, messaging, slogans, and philosophy. I also learn about its current and desired customers. Once Design Work is given final approval, the site can go to development and will be built according to the design. If you have a visual and information design you would like to use, a designer of your own, or already have a WordPress site but desire a new theme, parts or all of this step can be skipped.

$200 and up

Website Development

Your next website will be built using the free and open-source WordPress platform. This system allows you to easily create and update your webpages, and allows you to create posts - for blogs or articles or recipes - if desired. WordPress can also be configured to your liking through a multitude of plugins designed to make the experience easier. In Development, free plugins such as the Advanced Custom Fields Basic, Font Awesome, Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO Basic, and Google Site Kit plugins are all installed for use. Your website will look good and function properly across all screen sizes, and using all browsers.

Basic Site *Site with up to two separate post or page layouts *Support for two weeks after delivery $400 *Extra Layouts available for $125 each
Advanced Site *Site with up to five separate post or page layouts *Emphasis on site speed based on Google Lighthouse *Custom Search Page *Custom 404 Error Page *Support for four weeks after delivery $800 *Extra Layouts available for $100 each
$400 and up

Custom Website Tools

Sometimes, your customers or staff will need a customized tool that your website can provide. It could be a unit converter, item look-up system, product search, or anything else your mind can come up with. Incredible features such as these offer branding and customer loyalty opportunities, and useful features can be shared among many people. Features such as these can be included in your site and cost and time depend on complexity.

$250 and up